Actors Lucas, Shearer register last-minute voters

Frances Leaphart

Actors Josh Lucas and Al Shearer came to campus on Oct. 5 to encourage students to register to vote as part of the Democrats’ final push before the Oct. 6 deadline.

Lucas and Shearer stood in front of the Oreo with members of Villanova College Democrats, stopping students passing by to make sure they were registered to vote. Lucas has starred in movies such as “Sweet Home Alabama,” “Glory Road” and “American Psycho,” while Al Shearer has appeared in “Glory Road” and “Punk’d.”

When asked why they decided to come promote voting among young voters, Lucas replied, “Students and young voters have the true power to change things. We alone will be responsible for the future, and it’s time we start thinking about it.”Lucas and Shearer supported Obama and encouraged students to vote for him.

“Obama represents change, hope, beauty, and McCain is just four more years of the same old thing,” Lucas said. “When Bush came in to office, gas was $1.42, and it is predicted that by the time he leaves, it will be $5. We believe that the country is in dire need of new leadership, and Obama is the change this country needs. It will be the young people who will be responsible for the future debt, and it is the young voters who will bear the burden of past mistakes and failures.”

In 2004, Democrats registered 580,000 new voters thanks to grassroots efforts, and Students for Barack Obama has currently registered 1.1 million new voters, many of which are young voters.

Lucas and Shearer also visited Cheney, Drexel, Lehigh, Lincoln, Luxemburg and Temple in their efforts to discuss Obama’s campaign and get more university students to register to vote.

“This is going to be one of the biggest elections ever, and it is important that everyone get out and vote,” Lucas said. “Polls lie and your vote does count, so no matter what, everyone needs to show up at the polls on Election Day.”