Fashion Corner: Biggest fall jewelry trends

Anna Fickenscher

One of the hottest trends seen on virtually every runway for fall was the statement necklace. As the name would imply, this necklace makes a serious fashion statement. Whether it has layers upon layers of chains or enormous, ornate stones, this necklace cannot be ignored. The best way to wear this trend is with a simple neckline and solid-color tops or dresses. Let the necklace speak for itself, and do not try to add other accessories – sometimes less is more.

Whoever discovered that menswear can also look chic on women is a fashion genius. Menswear for women is hot right now. This really comes through in fall jewelry fashions with women wearing men’s watches. The large faces and simple, thick bands are a great addition to any look, and it’s something that almost any woman can wear. If you are uncertain and don’t feel like dropping the money on one, raid your father’s or brother’s closet for an old watch that fits the bill.

Rings are literally huge this season. Long gone are the days of petite, ladylike bands with small stones. This year, it’s the bigger the better. Rings with thick bands and massive gems or stones (called a cocktail ring) are a great look. Spice up any outfit with one of these overstated rings. The best part about them – you don’t have to drop big bucks to get a big rock. Forever 21 sells some great rings that fit perfectly into a college budget.

Cuffs and bangles are a great bracelet option. By this point, you have probably gotten the idea that big and thick is in when it comes to jewelry this season. Thick cuffs are all over the place and are something anyone can wear. Bangles are also a great look – layer a bunch to really sparkle. Just make sure that you aren’t covering your whole arm in bangles – that’s a major fashion no-no.

When it comes to earrings, two looks are hot for fall: chandelier earrings and large hoops. Chandelier earrings are better for night and look best with hair that is swept back so that the earrings can be appreciated. Remember, if you are going to wear dramatic chandelier earrings, a necklace is over kill. Hoops are a fantastic look for every hair style. Thin gold hoops look great with any outfit and can be found in every price range.