Falling in love with autumn at VU

Kevin Speirs

Not many times in life can people return to the beautiful nostalgia of their childhood.

Christmas probably takes the No. 1 spot in that category, but autumn has a unique feeling to it that makes people a little happier.

So many things about autumn endear it to everyone, despite rapidly chilling temperatures and unreliable weather.

From raking leaves to trick-or-treating, the sheer simplicity of classic autumnal activities make them special in a youthful sort of way.

After a long day of raking leaves into enormous piles, we all still want to run and jump as high as we can, falling into the pile of crunchy foliage and rolling around, immersed in the sweet odor of decaying leaves.

Another great weekend pastime is apple picking.

Getting out of the car at the orchard, the cool crisp air helps to invigorate you as you lose yourself in rows of trees picking the most American of fruits.

The best way to end the day is to make an apple pie or cobbler and enjoy it with friends.

Not many things are better than a freshly baked apple pie.

Sticking to the farm theme, pumpkin picking and corn mazes are always a great way to spend a blue-skied autumn day.

Corn mazes have a sort of mysticism that goes along with them.

Surrounded by walls of corn stalks, walking through the maze is both frightening and confusing.

Linvilla Orchards, about a 30-minute ride from campus, is practically a one-stop spot for all your fall fun needs.

The orchard has apple and pumpkin picking, corn mazes and hayrides.

Practically everything good about autumn is at Linvilla Orchards.

Although not specifically a fall activity, hiking may be the best thing to do this season.

With a group of good friends, getting lost in a vast sea of trees is one of the best ways to spend an autumn day.

The best thing about hiking is that there are so many options.

Once you find one of the many nearby trails, you can improvise and create your own trail. Tom Thwaites’ “50 Hikes in Eastern Pennsylvania” is a must-have for any hiking enthusiast. In the book, Thwaites gives brief descriptions of 50 trails in Pennsylvania, so finding and picking one best-suited for your plan is painless and simple.

With so many options available, autumn may be the busiest and most exciting of all seasons.

The weather, the beauty and the nostalgia that come with autumn are things we should not take for granted.