Abroad program grows

Frances Leaphart

The Office of International Studies closed its registration for the spring semester on Oct. 10.

Study abroad continues to grow each year, but some things have not changed, including where students are going to learn. In the last 10 years, the top five nations where students decide to study – Ireland, Italy, Spain, Australia and the United Kingdom – have not changed, according to Lance Kenney, director of International Studies. However, he said that China is pulling in as a close sixth.

Study abroad programs offer many different options for various majors and interests to fit all types of students. Students have the opportunity to live with locals or stay on the campus of the school they are attending.

Students also have a chance to live in apartments with other students.

Aside from students doing internships, all students must have integrated living.

If students choose to do a semester abroad, they can use their tuition to help cover the cost. Any money or scholarships that would have gone toward your a semester at Villanova are used for study abroad programs.

There are also a number of scholarships, including the Connelly-Delouvrier International Scholarship and the Ackerman Scholarship for students studying in non-traditional countries.The whole point and purpose of the study abroad program is to get students immersed in a different culture while earning college credits, according to Kenney.

However, there are lots of other opportunities for students. Students can do service learning and work in the community, do independent research and meet special guests.

Kenney recalls his own overseas experience in England, saying, “I studied abroad in Cheltenham, England, before returning there to work for the program which got me to England in the first place. I was there for almost five years, during which time I had a chance to spend nearly a month in India visiting a new program hosted by the same organization.”

The registration deadline for studying abroad for the fall or summer 2009 semesters is Feb. 27, 2009.