Winter Weather Must-Haves

Julia Cameron

As the cold weather continues to become a reality, here are a few items and tips to help you battle the freezing temperatures on campus.


Although this trend was popular during the summer months, it’s much more of a necessity now. Warm scarves are available for both men and women in solids or prints and patterns that can brighten up an outfit, and they are a quick accessory that keep you fashion-forward and warm as you walk around campus.

UGG boots

Sometimes trends can be useful as well, as is the case with these wintertime staples. Although they seem to be everywhere, they are undeniably comfortable and warm, as well as a quick pair of footwear to throw on when you only have five minutes before class.

Ghirardelli hot chocolate mix

This hot chocolate mix is rich and pure, made with only cocoa, sugar, chocolate and vanilla. You don’t even need to leave your room to enjoy; grab a mug of water, stick it in the microwave, mix and enjoy!

Arm warmers

As the fashion trends of the ’80s continue to make a comeback, arm warmers are the latest fall/winter item to keep you warm and in style. Continue to wear your favorite short-sleeved shirts and cropped jackets with arm warmers for an updated seasonal look.

Villanova shuttle

As the temperature continues to drop, it’s worth waking up a few minutes earlier to be picked up by the on-campus shuttle. Locate the shuttle stop closest to your hall and avoid the cold morning walk to classes.