10 Totally Random Questions for …

Alissa Ricci

1) What is the first thing you do in the morning? Every morning, I wake up to the same song. It’s called “I Thank You God for Most This Amazing Day” by Eric Whitacre, lyrics by e. e. cummings. This starts off my day in praise for God and puts things in perspective.

2) What is your favorite part of the human body? Hands. Hands tell a lot about a person. Like with a guy – you can tell if he is outdoorsy or studious by the appearance of his hands. Also, because I’m Italian, I always talk with my hands. You can tell that someone is really excited when their hands start flying everywhere.

3) Where is the worst place you’ve been stuck waiting? Actually, I don’t ever feel like I’m “stuck” waiting in lines. It’s the best time to people-watch. You can also have really good conversations with people you’re waiting with.4) What is the most nauseating beverage? I can’t stand coffee. It smells like garbage. Brewed coffee just smells disgusting.

5) Who was the last person that told you they loved you? My brother Matthew when I called him.

6)Which celebrity irritates you the most? I abhor celebrity culture in general! People put too much emphasis on celebrities as role models. People expect them to be role models because they’re famous, but they shouldn’t be the moral leaders of the world.

7) Describe your best birthday experience thus far. It was freshman year when I turned 19. I was in Spain at the time. My friends and I stumbled upon the oldest established restaurant in the world and ended up eating there for my birthday. That same day, we flew back to the United States. So my birthday ended up being about 30 hours long instead of 24 because of the time difference.

8) What is your favorite sleeping position? I sleep in the fetal position all the time. I just curl up in a ball.

9) If you could destroy one building on Villanova’s campus and build a new one in its place, which one would it be? I would have Tolentine Hall gutted and rebuild the interior. We need to update the heating units, and a lot of the fixtures are old and worn out. There’s a lot of work to be done.

10) If you had the chance to add any one word to the dictionary, what would it be? Detailious. It would replace “detailed.” Detailious sounds a little sexier than detailed does, considering what the word means.