The WiseCat

Tina Lamsback

Dear WiseCat,How do I survive my upcoming workload before finals without alienating all my friends and losing my sanity?Sincerely,Workaholic

Dear Workaholic,If you are so stressed now, maybe you should start doing some of the work that is due in the weeks to come. I say make a list and check it twice. It always worked for Santa, didn’t it? Start completing what is due first, and then work your way down the list. If you’re stressed, then everything else will seem like it is more important than it actually is, so just breathe! Maybe try talking to your teachers. That is what they are there for, right? Set up an appointment, and put things into perspective. I’m not saying that you should ask for an extension; I’m just saying that if they help you think things through, maybe your workload will seem a little bit lighter.As far as your friends are concerned, I’m sure they are almost as stressed as you are. So, here is the resolution: set aside a day that seems a little less hectic. Let’s be honest – students do little or no work on Fridays. With that being said, take some time with your friends – maybe two or three hours – and catch up, maybe even watch a movie. But, this all has to be done without talking about work. After you feel more relaxed, then it is time to start work again. This time, take a new attitude when it comes to your work. A more relaxed, confident and clear attitude will make a more efficient you. Good Luck!


Dear WiseCat,Is it too late to make spring break plans, or should I start sprinting to finish?Sincerely,Spring Break or Bust

Dear Spring Break or Bust,It’s never too late to book anything. However, with that being said, you just might have to realize that your price will go up, and you might not be in the prime location with all of your other spring break friends. So, if that’s what you are concerned about, then you better get going. Search various Web sites to get a quote for your oh-so-fab trip, and book! Get your plans ironed out before Thanksgiving break. Hope you move quickly, and have fun in the sun!

XOXO, Tina