The WiseCat

Tina Lamsback

Dear WiseCat, Rumor has it there are only 22 Fridays left of my senior year. What should I do to savor every moment of being a Wildcat? Sincerely, Senior Discount

Dear Senior Discount, First of all, who gave you that number? Whether it is true or not, I say erase it from your memory! It’s not like you’re going to make one of those chains counting down the days until you graduate, are you? I’m not! So, this is what you do. Start making more memories to look back on. First semester is coming to a close, and the holiday season is just around the corner. Make sure you decorate your on or off-campus abode with the appropriate holiday trimmings. Get together with your friends and roommates and make a holiday dinner that always proves to be interesting to see the cooking skills of your longtime friends. Have movie nights and plan to the go to the city (New York or Philadelphia, whichever you identify with). But, most of all don’t keep thinking about the inevitable, it will always be there. After all, it is going to happen. Another fun thing to do is relive the moments of your past years here at Villanova. I’m sure you still have that over-priced Halloween costume lying around somewhere! Throw a Halloween in January party, or even make your own holiday. In years to come, there will always be an excuse to get together with your fellow Wildcats. Make this year count. After all, these are the best years of your life.


Dear WiseCat, I am a junior, and I am having trouble finding off-campus housing for next year. Is it too late to find somewhere to live? Sincerely, Homeless

Dear Homeless, Time is ticking, but if you are persistent, then you are not out of luck. Make sure you go to the Residence Life Web site and type in “offcampus housing.” There will be your guide of various possibilities up and down the Main Line. Make a list, and start calling landlords. It’s always great to contact friends to see if their houses or apartments are free. Connections are key at this point. Start asking all your senior friends if they know of anyone who has an available house or apartment. There is also an alumni network, which can place you in student housing in the area. Being picky is not preferred. So, stop reading and start dialing!