Puppy cam dominates Internet audience

Kevin Speirs

What’s six times cuter than a puppy? Six puppies.

Streaming live for the past few weeks, a camera fixed on a playpen for six Shiba Inu puppies has captivated the world.

A San Francisco couple started the cam as a way to monitor the puppies while at work. Soon enough, word spread, and cubicles across America have watched the puppies do what puppies do best: be cute. Whether sleeping, eating or playing, few minutes go by without something adorable happening.

Everything that happens on this stream is based entirely on the dogs’ spontaneity, resulting in a completely natural yet equally endearing video. And it’s always on. No matter what, there is always something new to watch.

About 8.5 million people from over 65 countries have tuned into the feed, with a steady average of a few thousand at all times of the day. The puppies, three girls and three boys, are about eight weeks old. Each has its own unique collar to help with identification – the girls Autumn, Ayami and Amaya are purple, yellow and red collars, respectively, while Aki is in green, Akoni wears black and Ando is in blue.

According to People Magazine, which interviewed the owners, patients in hospitals have been e-mailing them, expressing gratitude for the cam that has helped brighten their spirits.

At any moment, the puppies could either be cuddling next to one another, giving subtle movements that instantly melt hearts or frolicking around the playpen, jumping and chasing one another.

Like all good things, the puppy cam will too come to an end. Starting Saturday, the pups will begin to move to their new owners, each accompanied with its own Webcam. It’s up to their new owners whether or not to continue to be recorded.

If you haven’t seen the puppies in action, you can go to www.ustream.tv/channel/shiba-inu-puppy-cam. If you haven’t seen them yet, try and get your fix in as soon as possible.