‘Grey’s’ premiere forecasts bleak season

Kathleen McFadden

Still living in the shadow of its phenomenal second season, “Grey’s Anatomy” premiered its fifth season on Sept. 25.

Despite high ratings, the episode proved to be an overall disappointment.

Compared to other shows and networks, “Grey’s” lured in the most viewers on Sept. 25, according to a Google TV ratings group, with viewership reaching 18.35 million.

This number, however, is significantly lower than last year’s Season 4 premiere, which brought in almost 21 million viewers.

Hoping that Season 5 would finally bring back that unique “Grey’s Anatomy” flair, many tuned in only to be dissatisfied at the end of the two-hour premiere.

The show was borderline boring.

The storylines went nowhere, characters did not experience much development and the witty humor that once captivated audiences continues to fade.

The exciting suspense of the characters’ hectic work lives fused with their unstable, lusty relationships has disappeared.

Season 5 opened with many problems.

In contrast to previous dramatic “Grey’s” seasons, this one opened with little impact as a dream sequence. Put simply, the writers played it safe.

Once again, the Derek/Meredith saga is back on, with indecisive Meredith consulting Cristina for relationship advice, even though she once again has everything she’s always wanted – McDreamy.

George and Lexie remain flirtatious friends, while Izzie still fantasizes about her lost love Denny.

Dr. Sloan, or “McSteamy” as we more commonly know him, remains single, with his funny lines comprising almost all of the show’s limited humor.

The problem with “Grey’s” is obviously the writing. Having major climactic events happen early in the show’s history – such as Meredith and Derek finally becoming a couple – seems to have left writers with nothing exciting.

The couple that every fan rooted for is now together and somewhat happy, so what’s left?

Perhaps the only exciting love story is the tension between Dr. Callie Torres and Dr. Erica Hahn.

After months of confused sexual tension, Season 4 ended with a peck between the two in a hospital elevator.

During the premiere, it was obvious that both doctors still have unspoken chemistry.

Another disappointment was the music – or lack thereof.

“Grey’s” has always used unique music, often catapulting a song or artist into fame overnight (such as KT Tunstall’s “Suddenly I See,” which graced a Season 3 episode).

In the past, the show’s songs added an artsy twist to the intense medical drama; however, Thursday’s premiere lacked any standout tunes.

On a more positive note, the returning characters thankfully displayed familiar quirks and personality traits that have been appreciated since the show’s start.

A new character serving as Cristina’s love interest is also predicted to shake up the dullness surrounding Seattle Grace Hospital.

A boost in writing and the return of its unique songs could bring this show out of its slump.

Hopefully, “Grey’s Anatomy” can bounce back to America’s favorite medical drama, showcasing the dysfunctional relationships of the unique characters with whom everyone has identified at some point in the show’s successful past.