Local DJ Diplo returns to Philly

Erica Graham

Diplo is back. The popular Philadelphia DJ, songwriter and producer made his return to his hometown to celebrate his birthday with hundreds of fans at the Mad Decent Tour stop that took place on Nov. 14.

The concert, which was put on by R5 Productions at the Starlight Ballroom in Philadelphia, was a raging dance party jam-packed with strobe lights, glow-in-the-dark décor, an array of spinning DJs and a huge mass of crazy kids getting their grooves on.

Wesley Pentz, better known as Diplo (named after the dinosaur Diplodocus), headlined the night and provided the crowd with his consistently awesome beats and perfectly executed mash-ups.

Despite only having five years of professional music experience under his belt, Diplo has earned much fame and recognition for his many contributions and accomplishments in the industry.

He and partner DJ Low Budget currently run the club and music collective Hollertronix. In 2006, Diplo started his own label called Mad Decent and since then has signed the funk carioca band Bonde do Rolê and DJ Blaqstarr, a rapper and club music producer from Baltimore who also performed that night.

The night opened with a variety of acts: DJ Blaqstarr; Abe Vigoda, the noisy pop/punk band from Los Angeles; Telepathe, an electronic female duo; and Boy 8 Bit, an international DJ who specializes in club and arcade game music.

Surrounded by this collection of artists, concertgoers had no excuse to keep their feet still and their voices quiet. Those with advance tickets were awarded a special yellow invitation to the afterparty, which was set to take place later that night at a secret location that was revealed at the end of the concert.

The location ended up being Diplo’s party house, the Mad Decent Mausoleum, which is just a few blocks away from the Starlight Ballroom.

This was definitely another one of the great, affordable shows for all ages put on by R5 Productions.

“[The] main goal is to provide the Philadelphia area with cheap, friendly, all-ages shows in an honest intimate setting,” Owner Sean Agnew says.

All of the company’s shows are held in small- or medium-sized locations, such as churches, universities, basements and warehouses, and attract people who are looking to enjoy some excellent music without burning holes in their wallets.