10 Totally Random Questions For…

Megan Hansler

1. If you were having a theme party next weekend, what would the theme be?

I’ve always wanted to host a “Pre-Game Party” for a non-existent formal. Everybody comes dressed up in suits or dresses, and we take lots of pictures. But… the busses never come!

2. Are you still friends with anyone from your Orientation group?

Nah, my group was lame. It was Group 18 or something. I think Shea Quinn and Jen Vanetti might have been in it. Joe Martyn and this girl Gretchen were, too. Then this kid Rob Dormish, but he really fell off the face of the Earth. And Fun Kristen. I hardly ever see any of them anymore.

3. What is your favorite French word and why?

The French word for “grapefruit” is “pamplemousse,” and I really enjoying saying it. And, even though it’s the same word in English, there’s something so much more fun about saying “champagne” en français.

4. If someday you must resort to joining the circus, what will your job be?

I’ve always wanted to be the man on the flying trapeze. And I wouldn’t use a net.

5. If you could take Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe out to dinner, who would you choose and why?

That would be a tough one, but in the end, I guess I’d go with Marilyn Monroe. Somehow I feel like the conversation would be more entertaining.

6. What is your favorite place in France?

There’s this small town in the middle of the country called Bourges. I went to a music festival there and had one of the best days of my semester abroad. I would really like to go back soon.

7.Waffles or pancakes?

Definitely waffles. Nothing against pancakes, of course, but I like that waffles are crunchy. Plus, they have built-in syrup containers so you know how much syrup you’re getting in each bite.

8. American or cheddar on your cheeseburger?

If I had to choose between the two, I’d go with cheddar. But honestly, I’d like Swiss or provolone. And I like my burgers rare.

9.What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you while giving a tour at Villanova?

I’ve been pretty lucky with not slipping or falling yet, so that’s good. But you can get some really awkward questions sometimes, especially from parents.

10. Is there anything exciting coming up in your life right now?

Well, actually, we’re in the middle of Restaurant Week. For the past four semesters, I’ve made a habit of going into Philly for dinner with some friends … so this is one last hurrah.