Walter Smith Randolph

I know what you’re thinking..

… This is going to be a rant about how much I hate the Parking Office. Nope, not at all. Even though I do have my gripes about the Parking Office, I will keep those comments to myself, cross my fingers and hope that I don’t get that magical green envelope.

However, as a senior, I do have a few gripes about parking etiquette. That five minute commute is annoying but dealing with a parking nightmare is even worse.

Learning how to park your car into one space should be the first assignment in ACS classes. It is infuriating to find that sweet parking space in the front, only to find that some genius decided that their Mini Cooper needed two spaces. I drive a Jeep, and if I can fit into one space, so can you. Some may argue that the parking spaces in the Main Lot were built back when people were driving Model T’s, and I may agree. But you can definteley fit your car into one space.

And please do not create your own parking space. You all know which cars I’m talking about. Every morning there is the same car that creates its own parking space, and then the driver wonders why his or her car has a new shiny orange accessory.

When did Pike Lot become the Indy 500? I understand that there are a limited number of parking spaces available, but speeding around corners can really hurt someone or cause you to rack up some car insurance bills.

Now, we all know that you are not dropping boxes off in Corr Hall, so please come up with a better excuse. But, once you are allowed to “drop boxes off in Corr,” please do not create your own parking space and put your blinkers on. Since when did hazard lights become the universal sign for “I’ll be right back”? Did I miss the memo?

It’s one thing if you are running an errand quickly, but it’s another thing if you put your hazards on and go order a pizza from Second Storey. Some of us have places to be.

I understand that sometimes the Parking Office does get a little ticket-happy, but don’t complain when you get a ticket for being somewhere you’re not supposed to be.

No one wants to park miles away from Bartley, but until those parking garages spring up on Lancaster, we’re stuck parking in East Jabip.

There are some dramatic changes that need to take place as far as parking goes, but there are some things that we can do to make it better. Please remember that those signs on campus are not suggestions and that we all have to deal with this parking nightmare. Let’s all do