Walter T. Smith Randolph

You would think that there are just some things you don’t do while you’re on the phone … like continuing a conversation while you are in the restroom. I know, gross, but I’ve seen it happen. Using a cell phone in a restroom is disgusting enough, but in a public restroom in Bartley Hall is even worse. Here are some general rules that we should all follow when using our cellular devices.

1) Everyone knows you’re texting

When you start trying to hide the fact that you are texting, it becomes very clear that you are. We can all see you and so can the professor. It’s the equivalent of having two conversations at once. Whether it’s in class or out to dinner with friends, please keep it brief, and stop trying to hide it.

2) Having a Blackberry does not give you some sort of magical power

It seems as if everyone has a BlackBerry these days and now I understand why it is often referred to as the “crackberry.” Just because you are now connected to any piece of information you could ever want, it does not mean that you are important. The same goes for the iPhone. You are, in fact, not trendy because of your phone.

3) Bluetooth should be used in the privacy of your home

Over break, I went to church and saw a flashing blue light near someone’s ear. Seriously? In the middle of church? I’m not sure if JC likes being put on hold. Again, having a Bluetooth does not make you important and if you are going to use this device, please use it on your own time. I don’t need to know all of your business. Also, if you’re not using your earpiece, please remove it. It looks awkward.

4) When walking into a classroom, turn your cell phone off

Having Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie” go off in the middle of lecture is really embarrassing. Try to remember to silence your cell phone when crossing the threshold.

5) Stop Yelling at me

Please bring your volume down a notch. We don’t need to know what Katie did last night while you walk across campus.

6) Let’s have a real conversation

If we’re texting each other and our conversation exceeds five texts in one minute, please pick up the phone. Cell phones have definitely dampered our communication, and let’s not forget how to have a conversation.

7) Mind your manners

Lastly, there is a time and a place for everything. Please remember your manners when using your cell phone.