Fashion Corner

Anna Fickenscher

Kate Beckinsale – Hit

Beckinsale looked absolutely stunning in this gorgeous white dress. The scalloping detail and clean cut lines of this gown create a beautiful silhouette.

Laura Linney – Hit

This pale gold dress was a hit. The draping of the dress is not only figure flattering, but it also creates an intricately decadent pattern along her upper body.

Eva Longoria Parker – Hit

Wearing red is a risky move, but Longoria pulled it off beautifully by keeping accessories to a minimum and allowing the simple but elegant cut of the dress speak for itself.

Maggie Gyllenhaal – Miss

Not only is Gyllenhaal wearing head to toe leopard print, but it is also blue. It looks like Gyllenhaal went to the fabric store, bought a couple yards of cheap blue leopard material and threw it on.

Heidi Klum – Miss

This dress shows that even a supermodel can commit a fashion crime. Klum’s dress is too busy. Between the polka dots, the red rosette and the strappy heels, there are just too many fads in one outfit.

Jennifer Lopez – Miss

Lopez’s gold dress looks cheap rather than chic. While some can pull off the head to toe gold look, Lopez should have left that to the award statue.