Little Wildcats visit ‘Nova

Kelsey Ruane

Over 100 “Little Wildcats” came to campus last weekend for Little Wildcat Weekend, a series of events planned for young siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews of University students.

Events included a magic show, an ice skating trip, an outing to the aquarium, a luau-themed breakfast in Dougherty Hall, face-painting and a carnival in Connelly Center.

Students and their young relatives also attended a screening of High School Musical 3 in the Connelly Cinema.

The Little Wildcat Weekend provided the chance for “Little Wildcats” to experience life at the University, including staying in their family member’s residence hall.

The event used to be referred to as “Siblings’ Weekend,” but has been changed to incorporate other young family members.

The title change now reflects the inclusion of relatives like cousins, nieces and nephews of Villanova students, according to Noelle Sciulli, the student co-director of the event along with Samantha Grimaldi.

In anticipation of the weekend, the Campus Activities Team office was piled high with boxes of animal crackers, lollipops and snacks.

Saturday night’s carnival in the Villanova Room included a moon bounce, an inflatable game of Twister, a Guitar Hero station, a DJ, popcorn and prizes. Kids could be seen riding around on large, circus-style bicycles.

“I love Little Wildcat Weekend,” said Joey, 7, brother of junior Meredith Davisson. “My favorite part was the carnival, the games and Guitar Hero. I was sad the Wildcat wasn’t there. I love Villanova and I want to go here when I go to college.”

In addition to the weekend’s formal events, Little Wildcats spent time with their older siblings, cousins and other family members, who are away at college.

“There’s nothing better than seeing a little brother or sister looking up to a big brother or sister,” said Nikki Hornsberry, assistant director of Student Development for programming and Little Wildcat Weekend coordinator.

CAT registered a total of 110 Little Wildcats, ranging in age from four to 16.