Movies and music for Valentine’s Day

Kathleen McFadden

It isn’t often that a romantic comedy begins with a breakup scene with a naked man crying and begging for a hug.

Such is the case in the hilarious romantic comedy “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” and it happens to be number one on the top five romantic movies for Valentine’s Day.

Romantic comedies are often the bane of the male half of any relationship, but this Valentine’s Day offers some relief for those plagued by sappy chick flicks.

“Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” “The Break Up,” “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” “When Harry Met Sally” and “Wedding Crashers” all offer that aspect of love and romance while maintaining interesting and unique storylines. None of them reach the typical romantic comedy cliché, making these movies the perfect his-and-hers flicks.

“Forgetting Sarah Marshall” tells the story of a young couple that just broke up. Hollywood actress Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell) dumps her TV show composer boyfriend Peter (Jason Segel) in the opening scene.

Taking a Hawaii vacation to get Sarah off his mind, Peter coincidentally stays at the same resort as Sarah. As Peter attempts to get over his ex, he finds another unexpected love that develops into something more.

Nominated for “Best Comedy Movie” at this year’s Critic’s Choice Awards, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” is the one of the funniest romantic comedies to grace the big screen in years.

Despite a title that sounds more like a depressing drama than a romantic comedy, “The Break Up” is a hilarious film that anyone can relate to.

A couple, Brooke (Jennifer Aniston) and Gary (Vince Vaughn), hit a rough patch and suddenly break up. Transforming into a hilarious “he-said, she-said,” with offbeat situations and Vince Vaughn’s humor, “The Break Up” breaks away from the chick flick stigma that taints most romantic comedies.

Although not a romantic comedy, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” is an interestingly twisted love story about an unlikely couple, Joel (Jim Carrey) and Clementine (Kate Winslet).

The two undergo a bizarre procedure to erase each other from memory, and during the process, they realize their love for one another and fight to get the memories back.

A romantic comedy must-see is the classic “When Harry Met Sally,” a film showcasing the tension between two best friends of the opposite sex.

Harry (Billy Crystal) and Sally (Meg Ryan) become close friends throughout their adult lives. As their love lives continue to struggle and their friendship continues to grow, the film asks the classic question, “Can a man and a woman really be just friends?”

Another atypical romantic comedy, “Wedding Crashers” tells the story of two party crashers John (Owen Wilson) and Jeremy (Vince Vaughn) as they use weddings to meet their next one-night stand. The two friends meet two sisters whom they fall for, and the movie follows the bizarre happenings of the two con men.

These films show that romantic comedies really can be funny without over-dramatizing love.

This Valentine’s Day, keep it low key with the perfect combination of laughter, love and film that only the best romantic comedies capture