Flashback Album of the Week

Jeff Yerger

Do you think you know Genesis? Songs like “Invisible Touch”, “Land of Confusion”, and maybe even “Turn It On Again” are great singles, but do you really know Genesis? Give “A Trick of the Tail” a spin and you will truly hear Genesis in its prime.

This is the first album with Phil Collins on the mic, replacing their former front-man Peter Gabriel. Now, if you love music as much as I do, you would know that these were pretty huge shoes to fill. Luckily, Collins proved that he had the pipes to do it.

“A Trick of the Tail” is only eight songs long, but you’d be surprised what a talented band like Genesis can do with this relatively short album. Right from the get-go, this album knocks you off your feet, as the chiming opening riff of “Dance on a Volcano” turns into a rhythmic onslaught.

“Squonk” shows Genesis channeling their inner Led Zeppelin; the main riff is irresistible, as is the rest of the song, and Collin’s vocals are top notch. “Robbery, Assult and Battery” and “Ripples” are truly progressive gems, integrating atmospheric interludes courtesy of songwriter/keyboard extraordinaire, Tony Banks.

The best song on the album by far is “Entangled”, a beautiful ballad whose chorus contains luscious harmonies and a closing section that will send chills down your spine . If you can, turn up the bass for this one and you will truly know what it means to “feel” the music.

For all you aspiring drummers out there, you might want to take a listen to the album closer, which is aptly titled “Los Endos.” You can say all that you want about Phil Collins, but when it comes to drumming, he’s right up there with the likes of Bonham and Pert (if not better). It’s about time you listen for yourself. Why not give the REAL Genesis a chance?