Flashback Album of the Week

Jeff Yerger

This album does not flash back that far, although 2001 may seem like a distant memory to many. Riding high off its massively successful album “Make Yourself,” Incubus decided to switch it up a bit for its third major label release “Morning View.”

Known as the last album with former bassist Dirk Lance, “Morning View” shows this alternative rock band at its peak, pushing the limits of what mainstream alternative rock is capable of.

It’s the most unique of the Incubus discography, and unfortunately (and unfairly), with the way rock radio changes its formats constantly, it has been lost in oblivion. With songs like “Wish You Were Here,” “Warning,” “Nice to Know You” and “Are You In,” there are plenty of gems that make this album distinctive. Songs like “Just a Phase,” “Mexico” and “Echo” are mellow jams which feature impressive fret-work from guitarist Mike Einziger, whose tone has never sounded fuller and more exotic. There are also plenty of songs like “Circles” that didn’t quite make the radio cut but will still send your eardrums in a tizzy.

So dig out that old CD case from under your bed and give “Morning View” another listen, because by the closing notes of “Aqueous Transmission,” you’ll want to hit the repeat button.