Letters to the Editor

How you can help UNIT

To the editor:

Recently, a student wrote that “UNIT could use improvement.” During the end of the fall semester and continuing into the start of the spring semester, 1,500 malware infected machines were logged for repairs.

One major difference is the number of student machines that have become re-infected, due to personal usage patterns. University issued computers are delivered with McAfee antivirus software pre-installed. Software updates are tested prior to being deployed.

Students could assist UNIT with the malware infections. First, make sure anti-virus programs are always turned on.

Second, be cautious of what you download, as certain downloads will automatically turn off anti-virus programs.

Thirdly, if you believe your machine is infected, please do not share files with another student until your machine has been cleaned.

A reliable wireless campus is an important part of the strategy of the university. The wireless network is monitored daily to make sure all access points are functioning properly.

Issues with wireless should be reported to TechZone as soon as they are encountered. Servicing our customers is a very high priority for UNIT. We welcome feedback and encourage students to contact the Vasey Tech Zone with any technology issue. Network slowness, especially during peak times, is being addressed.

-Robert Mays, Director, Network & Communications, UNIT

Print allowance suits most

To the editor:

The Student Print Program is designed to provide students with access to printing resources in order to complete their academic work.   All registered undergraduates and graduate students automatically receive an annual print allowance as determined by their college.   The credit is added to their Wildcard VPrint account on June 1st of each year. This credit varies depending on a student’s college enrollment and status, e.g., graduate/undergraduate, part-time/full-time. Unused credits are cleared from accounts on May 31st.  For this academic year ’08-’09, full-time, undergraduate students received a print allowance of $60.

In the 2007-2008 academic year, approximately 8,400 students used their Wildcard to print; only 3 percent of the students exceeded their allotment.  On average, most undergraduates had between $30-40 of their print allotment left at the end of the academic year.  As of Thursday, Jan. 22, the average undergraduate student had $46.92 remaining in his or her print account.

 It is the policy of the University to add to the print credit when students are required as part of their curriculum to print in excess of their allotment.  To date, no student with verification from their faculty or college has been denied additional print credit.

-Joan Lesovitz, Director, Instructional Techonolgies, UNIT