Walter Smith-Randolph

Almost every Villanova student has heard the story about the Whispering Arches at Corr Hall. An engineering student brings his nursing-student girlfriend there, and they share their first kiss. Four years later, he proposes to her by whispering through the arches and they take a walk down the aisle of the chapel. Every girl says “Aw” and every guy rolls his eyes, until he realizes he has less than 100 days until graduation and his Villanova love story hasn’t come to fruition. Call me cynical, but I don’t believe it. It seems as if every senior I know is pairing up in anticipation of entering the real world, and Valentine’s Day made it worse.

Call me bitter, but I can’t stand Valentine’s Day. It seems as if the purpose of Valentine’s Day is for any man in a relationship to prove to the rest of the world how much he cares about his significant other. Why not show each other how much you care every day? I’m just saying.

But, what really bothers me about Valentine’s Day is the inappropriate public displays of affection. I get it – you really like each other, maybe even “L-word” each other. That’s cool, but can you keep the affection in your room?

It’s really annoying to be waiting in line in the Italian Kitchen or Corner Grille and see that couple checking for cavities while waiting in line. Yes, that is the same couple you saw dropping it like it was hot at that ticket party. Why does everyone feel the need to let me know that they are in a relationship? We already know. We see you holding hands on campus, canoodling in the pews at Mass and feeding each other lunch in the Italian Kitchen. Please, do not make out in front of me.

I’m not saying that people shouldn’t show their affection for each other, but I find it pretty difficult to believe that we are all destined to find our soul mates at Villanova. That is ideal, and, as awesome as it would be to take that walk down the chapel aisle with a fellow Wildcat, the chances are pretty slim. Just because you can’t find him or her at Villanova doesn’t mean the world is over. It seems as if every senior I know is settling down because we have fewer than 90 days. There are roughly 3,000 people who could possibly be “the one,” and as a friend once told me, half of those people are from “Planet Don’t Date Me.” Then, the other half are taken. So, not everyone has to settle down in college. There are just some lucky ones.