Opinion blogs take internet by storm

Kevin Speirs

Blogs have become one of the most influential sources of media in the lives of young Americans. There are too many of them.

Any person who’s trying to fit the trendy, young, pseudo-intellectual mold probably has a blog because, for some reason, they believe their seemingly educated opinions are important and people should know about them.

Registering about 10,000 blogs daily, open source publishing applications like WordPress exemplify the popularity of blogs.

However, some people actually come up with great ideas for blogs.

The creators of one particularly popular blog, Stuff White People Like, have even signed a book deal. The Web site lists and describes various things that a particular type of white person enjoys. These white people are described as upper-middle class, intellectual and liberal.

These are the people that live in downtown Manhattan or San Francisco, listen to music on vinyl and wear vintage clothing. The people that have blogs are the people that this particular blog is devoted to.

Perhaps the king of the blogosphere is Perez Hilton. This blog is a celebrity gossip site, where the monikered author dishes dirt on the latest celebrity news.

Once just writing about second-hand rumors, Perez now mingles with his subjects, usually posting pictures with them on the site.

Probably the best idea for a blog is 1,000 Awesome Things. The authors for this blog chronicle simple things that they consider awesome.

Starting at 1,000, they count down, not in order of their awesomeness, but as a means of organization. Some of these things that are awesome are: “Your family car growing up,” “Wearing underwear right out of the dryer” and “snow days.”

Having only gotten down to 838, there are plenty more ideas to come, so they will surely keep dedicated readers enticed for a long time.

Finding a blog for every kind of personality is easy.

Yahoo! hosts blogs for every sport, and someone from each city has a blog for his or her own sports team.

Newspapers have started blogs to add more content to their publications and give the reader more up-to-the-minute news.

Most bands and professional athletes have blogs. Even Lil’ Wayne has a blog on ESPN.

Music, movies, video games, science and sports are just the tip of the iceberg in the blog world. All are filled with ideas and opinions that may or may not matter. For whatever the reason, these people decide to type away at their keyboards, one thing is true about all blogs – they are entertaining.

What you see on blogs may teach you something, make you laugh or enlighten you. Or the blog could be so stupid that it is entertaining in a pathetic sort of way.

The idea of people writing, sometimes like a 7-year-old kid, is hilarious because of their stupidity or lack of any sort of intelligence.

For those of you writing blogs, keep writing because even if it’s not good, you’re boosting other people’s self-esteem.