Fashion Corner

Alex Fickenscher

Never wear white after Labor Day. Horizontal strips always make you look fat. Wear your normal size, even if it’s a little too tight. Who among us has not heard these supposed “fashion rules” and many others? While some of these “rules” have credence, don’t forget, rules were meant to be broken. Take part in this season’s best looks, break some rules, and look good doing so.

1. Black, white, brown, and tan. Though many people realize that these neutral hues work with most colors, they rarely think of putting them together. Black and brown is one of the hottest pairs this season. The key to wearing these combinations is to keep it simple. The easiest way to wear black and brown together is black jeans or a dress with black tights and brown boots. The combination of black and brown is very slimming and shakes up an otherwise dull outfit. Add some gold jewelry to your ensemble to pick up the brown tones and tie you outfit together. Shades of blue and navy also work well together, and a touch of silver jewelry will create an outfit that is simple, but fashion-forward.

2. Forget everything you’ve been told about horizontal stripes being a fashion don’t. While it is true that horizontal stripes should be avoided if you are attempting to deemphasize a particular part of your body, like your hips, chest, or thighs, there are two tricks to wearing a horizontal stripe. First, keep the stripes small. Large stripes large cut your body into awkward sections and are unflattering. Second, remember that strips are sure to stand out. Wear them on parts of your body that you want to draw attention to. For instance, if you have a small bust and large thighs, try a stripped top with slimming, dark wash jeans.

3. Your grandmother probably told you that white may only be worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Now, however, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear white year round. As spring gets closer, add some white to your wardrobe while keeping the lingering winter chill in mind. White pants of a thick material, like wool, look great with a bright sweater or jacket. A white velvet skirt looks adorable with black or brown tights. As for white shoes, once the weather is consistently warm, it’s perfeclty acceptable to break out your white sandals.