Walter Smith-Randolph

There are some things that should always be gauranteed. I believe that my fork should always be stronger than my crouton. You know what I’m talking about. Imagine that you just purchased a salad from the IK, you sit down and a battle ensues between you, the fork and the little crouton that could. By now, you have probably heard about Villanova’s Commitment to Sustainability and noticed that our dining halls are tray-less and that it may be hazardous to eat with a biodegradeable fork because you just might swallow a piece of a potato fork that surprisingly doesn’t taste like a potato.

I understand Villanova’s Commitment to Sustainability and the entire “going green” movement, but then why do we use regular silverware in the Spit and Pit and plastic silverware in Connelly Center? If we’re going green, then why doesn’t the entire campus go green? And while I’m at it, if we’re going to use the new trays, then don’t throw them away. It amazes me to see how many people throw away those trays. I mean, they’re way better than the old blue ones that remind me of middle school. Plus, you can choose your color – red or green; it doesn’t get any better than that.

When I studied abroad in Greece two years ago, I noticed how some cities in Greece were going green way before it became cool. You actually had to stick your hotel key in a slot in order to turn your electricity on, which means that you couldn’t leave your lights or TV on and you definiteley couldn’t leave your air conditioning running all day. Maybe this is something that we Americans can consider as we try to move toward a more sustainable earth.

The purpose of biodegradeable forks is to cut down on washing silverware. But when you have to use two to three forks per sitting, are we really solving anything? And if we continue to throw away the reusable trays, what exactly are we solving? If we leave our lights on all day while we are at class or use a new water bottle every time we work out, then what exactly are we solving? If we’re going to go green, then let’s go green, but give me a fork that actually works please.