Outgoing president reflects on year

Kelsey Ruane

Seniors Bryan Wagner and Rob Dormish will soon turn over their responsibilities as student body president and vice president to recently elected Dan Gelwicks and Spencer Curtis. But not before offering some advice.

“A year is a lot shorter than you think it is,” Wagner said.

Wagner and Dormish ran for office last spring with the intention of increasing Student Government Association’s presence on campus – something Wagner believed to be lacking.

He said that combating apathy on campus the most important thing his administration accomplished this year.

“[This year], the students felt like they had a voice,” Wagner said.

Every student organization that asked SGA for financial support received it, according to Wagner.

Wagner and Dormish’s platform in last spring’s election included extending library, dining and gym hours, establishing a 24-hour print lab and increasing student parking.

Throughout the year, the various SGA committees worked with the University to achieve their goals, but not everything could be accomplished.

“There seems to be reasons every year why the library cannot extend its hours,” Wagner said.

His administration did a study with the Athletics Department on the most popular hours for students to attend the gym in order to make sure that the University’s facilities were being utilized effectively. They also had the hours of operation for the Davis Athletic Center and Farley and Stanford Fitness Centers published online.

As for the print lab, the Bartley print staff did not find the improvements that SGA asked for to be cost effective, according to Wagner.

No new student parking spots were created, but SGA worked closely with the Department of Public Safety on parking regulations.

Under Wagner and Dormish, SGA created the Student Strategic Planning Committee at the end of last semester, which is a group of student leaders from different campus organizations who meet to discuss where they would like to see the University go and changes they wish to see made.

“We don’t just come up with a problem and hand it to the administration,” Wagner said. “We attach solutions to them.”

If Wagner could do one thing differently about his work as student body president, he would have set the Student Strategic Planning Committee up in the summer so it would have had an entire year to influence the University.

“[The committee] is a real concerted effort to bring students together,” Wagner said.

Wagner, a civil engineering major and business minor will work for Deloitte Consulting as a business technology consultant in Philadelphia after graduation.

“This has been a most rewarding experience,” Wagner said of his year as student body president. “I’m thankful the students elected me. It’s something I’ll always remember.”