Walter Smith-Randolph

Why is everyone dropping the “G” word? That is my buzzkill. I am happy that I am taking the big walk and entering the “real world.” But what I hate is that everyone tells you that college is the best four years of your life. I hope and pray that it gets better from here.

Don’t get me wrong. College was awesome. I had my enlightening moments and my Asher Roth moments. But I do hope that weddings, career paths and the birth of children will be better than passing out during NovaFest or pulling all-nighters.

My aunt recently asked me, “What did you learn in college?” And I replied with some classroom techniques and then she said, “No, about yourself. That is what college is all about.” I thought I had it all figured out. But she was a few steps ahead of me. I have learned who I am and what I stand for. I am sure that will change many times over, but this place has given me a steady grip on my values as I move beyond the intersection of Lancaster and Ithan avenues.

I am really ecstatic about the future. Hopefully, weddings will become the new formals, and I will be able to afford something other than Natty. Regardless, I wish people would stop reminding me about graduation. This time last year, I did the same thing. Every senior I approached, I either asked them what they were doing next year or I gave them that “Aw,” followed by this is the last time you will be (fill in the blank). Please do not remind me that this will be the last time I purchase a cookie from the IK.

I understand that people will judge me when I do the bugaloo at Orientation for graduate school next year. But, until Father Peter says, “Honoris Causa,” I will enjoy these last few days of college.

And just a side note, in times of a recession it is not polite to ask people what they are doing next year. Instead ask, “Are you excited for graduation?” Then you will get the answer you’re looking for.

For the past year, I have been able to express my thoughts on this quarter of a page. Maybe you agreed with me or maybe you thought “why is this kid so negative?” I believe that the purpose of these 500 words was to question the status quo, because sometimes doing what everyone else does just because, isn’t always the right thing to do.

My grandmother told me to pave my own way, and I encourage you to do that same. I also hope that this column has done that while simultaneously making you laugh or question the norm. Maybe you stopped saying “That’s so gay” or maybe you said “swagger” even more. Either way, I hope that this column has made an impact on you in some sort of fashion. As for me, I’m ready to drive off into the sunset with “Time of your life” playing in the background. But until then, don’t remind me. Rather, celebrate with me.