Nicole Dinten

Chants and cheers could be heard from inside the Jake Nevin Field House on Tuesday. No, this was not in celebration of the men’s basketball team making it to the Final Four; it was Skit Night.

Each spring, the Greek community comes together to compete in a weeklong competition known as Greek Week, where fraternities and sororities can be recognized throughout campus wearing their letters and while competing in events from sports to quiz competitions.

But the height of the week for each Greek member is undoubtedly the night of the skits, when they get to showcase their musical abilities.

Even fraternities and sororities, who were in the heat of competition with each other, took moments to cheer on one another in genuine appreciation.

This appreciation makes sense once one learns that many of these Greek organizations practiced their routines for weeks or longer.

The hard work goes deeper than the people on stage. Many took time to come up with a storyline and choreographed dance to go along with it. To add to the madness, there were sets and costumes to build and buy.

When it came down to the wire on Tuesday night, each fraternity and sorority was able to show their efforts and shine on stage.

The skits, introduced by Greek community members Coreen Wainscott and Nick Petti, delivered many cheers and even laughter at the more amusing moments. Most of the fraternities or sororities sport a theme throughout the week which they incorporate into their skit.

This year, many of the sororities’ themes seemed to recall memories from childhood. Kappa Kappa Gamma’s “Kappa Kandy Land” lead the audience into the board game we all played as a child while moving to the music which included theme appropriate “Candy Man” by Christina Aguilera.

Pi Beta Phi put a spin on the Magical World of Disney with a “Magical Makeover” in updated versions of some Disney favorites. In place of Mary Poppins’ “Chim Chimney” were chimney sweepers dancing to Jay-Z’s “Dirt off Your Shoulder.”

Alpha Delta Pi took their skit to the beach and let the audience know school was out for summer with renditions of “Surfin’ USA” and the theme from “Jaws.”

Alpha Phi reminded us of why many of us used to sleep with a nightlight in their “Haunted Mansion” skit complete with Scooby Doo, Ghost Busters and of course “Thriller” by Michael Jackson.

Delta Delta Delta performed a colorful version of “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” impersonating characters such as the ill-fated Violet, who had to be rolled off stage after turning into a blueberry.

Alpha Chi Omega continued the childhood theme with a bedtime story about superheroes that not only saved the day while dancing to hits like “4 Minutes to Save the World” but managed to give The Villanovan a plug while showing off their faux newspaper headline entitled “AXO Victory.”

Kappa Delta rounded out the night with dancing clowns, animals, ballerinas, and even a ringleader in their “Cirque du K?.”

Chi Omega and Delta Gamma took a different route in theme choices, and pulled off a tie for first place. Chi Omega turned “I Love NY” into “I Love X?” and took a small town farmer into the bright lights of the big city.

Delta Gamma claimed to “Plead the Fifth” in their court room style skit that sent criminals dressed in orange jumpsuits to jail while dancing to “Jailhouse Rock.”

For the fraternities, audience acceptance didn’t come from flashy costumes or storylines, but from dancing ability. Many fraternities chose the funny route, which usually meant dressing up as a female in some shape or form.

Onlookers enjoyed watching Lamda Chi Alpha in their Britney vs. Christina battle, and Phi Sigma Kappa and Beta Theta Pi’s versions of boy band favorites.

Other fraternities used interesting costumes or props like Sigma Chi and Sigma Nu. And while Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Tau Delta, Phi Gamma Delta and Sigma Phi Epsilon showed off their dance moves, only one could prevail.

The winner and audience favorite was Sigma Phi Epsilon with their break dance style moves.

Skit Night 2009 was nothing short of entertaining. Whether it was an exceptionally talented ensemble of dancers gracing the stage, or an awkward group of fraternity pledges, the audience seemed to enjoy each and every minute of it.