EDITORIAL: A trashy NovaFest

Although NovaFest was everything students could hope for, something was notably missing: the trashcans. And, for that matter, the recycling bins.

After the festivities on West dissipated, empty Solo cups, crushed beer cans and remnants of broken bottles littered the field.

The lack of trashcans would seem like a mistake, but in fact, the administration purposely left them off of West because placing them there would make it seem as if the school condoned drinking. It’s widely recognized, though, that students view drinking as an unofficial yet essential part of the weekend. Ignoring that fact and neglecting to place trashcans on West only makes the problem worse. The school might look like it turns a blind eye to drinking if it sets up trashcans, but it looks irresponsible when trash lines the ground. Jagged pieces of glass make West campus a danger zone for students’ tires and flip-flop clad feet.

SGA members and West Campus RAs are to be commended for picking up the trash early on Sunday, but they shouldn’t have to do it alone. Placing trash cans and recycling bins on West Campus should be a priority for next year’s NovaFest. Students will always congregate for West fest; the school should let them clean up, too.