Weekly ‘American Idol’ Rankings: Top 5

John Sturgeon

After disco week, Lil and Anoop were shown the door as predicted and the top five has been assembled. At this stage in the competition, contestants will perform twice a week to see who really has what it takes to win the competition.

As this is the final rankings of the year, the order presented here is where I expect each contestant to finish:

5. Matt Giraud

The judges’ save earned Matt goodwill for a week, as he managed to avoid elimination. His “Stayin’ Alive” was average and lackluster.

He will need something truly exceptional to hang around, as the four in front of him have been more consistent.

4. Allison Iraheta

She is the second most talented contestant in the competition. Her incredible rocker voice allows her to perform with power and versatility.

However, she has ended up in the bottom three way too often, which is a shame. Her fantastic version of “Hot Stuff” showed off all the facets that make her voice so different.

No matter what happens, Allison will be a recording star. Hopefully, she will gain some more votes and find a way into the finale.

3. Kris Allen

His stripped down version of “She Works Hard for the Money” was riveting to watch, as the vocals and instruments presented something both unique and awesome. Kris does a masterful job molding songs into arrangements that fit his talents. Does he have the fan support to overcome Danny Gokey’s?

If he continues performing the way he has been, there may be a shot for Kris to land in the final.

2. Danny Gokey

After another nice vocal with “September,” it was interesting to hear how Simon thought he lacked star power. Paula Abdul said he had the sexiest voice in the competition.

Followed by a large fan base since the beginning, Danny’s been able to stay ahead in the competition with the no. 2 spot.

While not as original as Kris or Adam, Danny has the vocal prowess and overall talent to earn a spot in the finale.

1. Adam Lambert

The frontrunner was back in a suit last week, as he passionately sang a restrained version of “If I Can’t Have You.” Simon Cowell called Adam’s vocals “immaculate.”

Unless Adam has to quit, there is no way he will lose this competition. His overall package as an artist bests every other remaining contestant by a sizable margin.

He is a superstar in the making and it will be interesting to watch the albums this guy makes in the years to come.