‘Cabaret’ mixes song, dance, romance

Katie Fitzgerald

Villanova Theatre’s latest production of Joe Masteroff’s “Cabaret” could be described as nothing less than a breath-taking theatrical performance.

The show dazzled its audience with colorful costumes and incredible choreography, as well as amazing singing and acting performances.

Actors Kathryn Lyles and Jeffrey Paden strongly lead the cast and took audience members on a rollercoaster of emotions. There was also the jaw-dropping theatrics of Father Cregan as Emcee.

The lighting, scenery, musical accompaniment and acting were so akin to that of Broadway that it was hard to believe that this production was performed in Villanova’s own Vasey Auditorium.

“Cabaret” encompassed all the glamour and glitz of an amazing visual performance, and the plot did not disappoint.

The story, which started off seeming as a light hearted romance, ending up in the end packing quite the punch.

The play began appearing innocent enough – giving the audience a glimpse at a night in a cabaret with a hint of a romance; in the second half, however, the mood completely changed.

What once seemed to be a light hearted story turned into a plot filled with the strife Germany experienced during the era of the Nazi’s. “Cabaret,” unlike the theater’s earlier production of Le Dindon, did not end on a positive note. It is not a play to see if you want a stereotypical happy ending, but this does not take away from the performance.

The combination of amazing visual and theatrical performances, as well as a deeply moving ending that “Cabaret” provided seems to be the recipe for the perfect production and everyone should experience this perfection for themselves.