Gelwicks, Curtis win SGA election

Kelsey Ruane

Daniel Gelwicks and Spencer Curtis won the election for student body president and vice president for the ’09-’10 academic year with 51 percent of the vote.

The announcement was made on Friday at the Oreo by current Student Body President Bryan Wagner.

A total of 2,720 students voted, up from 2,154 last year.

Gelwicks and Curtis ran against Andrew Eby and Kelly Maguire, who received 33 percent of the vote, and Miguel Gutierrez and Andrew Pagliara, who received 16 percent.

There was no need for a runoff since Gelwicks and Curtis were able to win a majority.

They attributed their win to the dedication of their 15- to 20-person campaign team, the strength of their platform and their ability to earn votes across a wide base of the student population.

“We knew we had a strong platform, but we knew we had strong opponents as well,” Curtis said when asked whether or not they were confident they would win the election.

Their first task will be filling the empty senate positions and appointing their executive board. Their first priority next year involves improving attendance at football games and establishing more opportunites for tailgating.

In addition, they plan to update the course registration process by attaching syllabi to course listings, improving students’ ability to choose desirable classes.

As Chair of the Concerns and Issues Committee, Gelwicks has experience on SGA. He ran with Curtis on an “internal/external ticket,” highlighting the fact that Gelwicks had experience and that Curtis would provide a fresh outlook.

“Dan is a very experienced member of SGA,” Eby said. “They are both very motivated.”

He added that both he and his running mate, Maguire, are still interested in being a part of SGA, despite their loss.

“I believe that Dan and Spencer will do a fine job,” Gutierrez said. He added that he and Pagliara will continue to work to implement change, despite their exclusion from SGA.

After their win on Friday, Gelwicks and Curtis took the campaign team to lunch at Kelly’s. While Curtis was finally able to enjoy a nap, Gelwicks spent the weekend on a SEARCH retreat.

“We’re excited to get started working with the current administration and learning the ins and outs,” Curtis said.

“It’s transition time,” Gelwicks said.