Network ‘Big Guns’ prepare for season finales

John Sturgeon

It has been a fantastic year to cover television with plenty of great dramas and comedies for audiences to sink their teeth into.

As networks approach May, several interesting finales are on the horizon. Here is a look at some of the big ones.

Grey’s Anatomy

To say this season has been rocky would be an understatement. From Izzie spending time with the ghost of Denny for half a season, the lack of screen time for T. R. Knight and the firing of Brooke Smith, the show has had its share of problems.

Somewhere along the way the show found itself, as the addition of ex-military doctor Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd), along with compelling plots, led to some excellent episodes.

Highlights include the well-built Lexie Grey/Mark Sloan romance, Meredith and Derek getting engaged, Hunt and Cristina struggling through their issues to find love, and Karev continuing to mature.

In the finale, you can expect Izzie to have some complications with her cancer, Meredith and Derek to be married or close to it and George heading off to war.

The two-hour event promises to be controversial and exciting as the show prepares for the possible exits of Knight and Katherine Heigl after this season.

The Office

With the Michael Scott Paper Company arc coming to a close last week, the dynamics in the office are somewhat back to normal – except for the fact that Ryan has been hired back full time and Pam is now a salesperson.

It will be fun to watch how the rest of the office reacts to the changes, especially now that Michael is in charge again.

The finale promises some great stuff, as it will be the company’s annual picnic and Holly (Amy Ryan) will return.

Will Michael and Holly rekindle their romance? Are Pam and Jim going to get married this season? Tune in on May 14 to find out.


In the last new episode a few weeks back, time travel expert Daniel Faraday made his triumphant return to the island in 1977, which is where Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Juliet, Jin, Miles, Hurley and Sayid are stuck.

With their cover as members in the Dharma Initiative about to be blown, the castaways will have to find a way back to the present, and Faraday seems to be the man who will get them there.

In present day, Benjamin Linus was told by the smoke monster to follow the resurrected John Locke if he wants to live.

Sun is looking for a way to find Jin. There is also a new group of people from the Ajira flight that seem to have an agenda on the island.

Michael Emerson called the finale an explosive two-hour movie-like event that will supposedly reveal Jacob to the audience, see a major character die and hopefully bring all the characters back to the same time period.

30 Rock

After two Emmy wins for best comedy in a row, “30 Rock” has come out with its zaniest season yet, featuring its collection of great characters along with world class guest stars such as Jon Hamm and Salma Hayek.

The season finale will introduce Jack’s dad (Alan Alda), while also featuring several guest music stars including Sheryl Crow, Mary J. Blige and Adam Levine. The preview indicates that Liz will become a relationship expert and Tracy will speak at a high school graduation with Kenneth’s help.

With the guest-star lineup, there is no doubt this will be the most off-the-wall episode of the season and feature plenty of laughs.

Private Practice

Shonda Rhimes’ spinoff has capitalized on following “Grey’s” on Thursday nights, attracting enough of an audience to earn a renewal for next season.

Though a medical drama like “Grey’s,” the show’s setting at the L.A.-based Oceanside Wellness Clinic has differentiated the show from its sister and turned into an engaging drama.

The storylines coming to a head right now include whether Addison will break up a marriage by getting together with married heart doctor Noah (Josh Hopkins), if Violet’s baby is Pete’s or Sheldon’s and for which practice Naomi will choose to work.

Hopkins has stated that the final moments tonight are shocking, so the episode tonight should be enthralling.