Fashion Corner

Anna Fickenscher

Spring is upon us and who isn’t ready to throw off those sweatshirts and Uggs and dive into shorts, dresses, and skirts again? But before you step out this spring, be sure to remember the most important aspect of any well put together outfit- accessories. The right accessories can make an outfit go from good to great in just a few extra minutes. Here are some of the accessories every fashion maven can’t do without this season!

Colored sunglasses are making a comeback. When the sun is shining, sunglasses are a must and colored frames just make life a little more fun. Pick up multiple pairs at Forever 21 starting at just six dollars a pair!

Sundresses are a staple of spring life here at Villanova. This season’s adorable sandals are the perfect compliment to them. Instead of just wearing boring old flip-flops, slip into a fun pair of sandals that are embellished with beading or metal studs, such as this adorable pair from Steve Madden.

Back in the eighties it was fashionable to wear so many bangles that your arm was no longer visible. Nowadays, we have taken this trend and toned it down a few notches. Large plastic bangles are sold in almost every store and come in a variety of colors and patterns. They are fun, summery, and a cheap way to add a little something extra to an outfit. Try stores such as Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, and the third floor of Nordstrom’s in the King of Prussia mall for inexpensive and delightful bangles of all sizes.

Fringe is in. This season, the top name fashion Houses were showing it up and down the runway on everything from boots to bags to scarves to cardigans. A simple way to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe is through jewelry. Tons of earrings and necklaces have metal fringe that is subtle but stylish for those who aren’t quite convinced that they would like fringe hanging off their boots.