Flashback Album of the Week

Jeff Yerger

Here’s an album that’s sure to bring back memories. The ’90s brought on a slew of brilliant bands and one hit wonders. Third Eye Blind was kind of stuck in between. Their debut self-titled album was a smash, thanks to the ridiculously catchy “Semi-Charmed Life.” On its follow up, “Blue,” Third Eye Blind avoided the dreaded sophomore slump and produced an album that expanded on its post-grunge sound.

You won’t quite find any arena-rock anthems on this album, but that’s not what Third Eye Blind was about. It knew what formula worked for them, and they built upon that. The opener, “Anything,” is a short but exhilarating song with a simple message that any girl would love to hear: “I’ll give you anything.” Another power chord and riff-heavy song is “1000 Julys,” which would have probably been better suited as the album’s opener. It’s loud, in control and in your face. “Never Let You Go,” the biggest single of the album, picks up where “Semi-Charmed” left off. It’s another catchy tune that is vintage Third Eye Blind, complete with a straightforward lead guitar and a chorus that could make even Simon Cowell smile. Third Eye Blind does swerve off the mainstream road at some points, with songs like “The Red Summer Sun,” “Farther” and the delightfully dizzying “Camouflage,” adding some muscle to their repertoire. However, the main highlights on this album come when Third Eye Blind decides to hit the brakes for a bit. “10 Days Late” and the not-so-subtle “Deep Inside Of You” are well-crafted ballads that provide nice book-ends for “Never Let You Go.” The best song on the album has to be “Wounded.” It starts out slow and steady, and then builds up to a powerhouse of a climax. The song probably could’ve been a massive radio hit, but unfortunately it was overlooked in favor of more easily accessible pop hits.

Although “Blue” isn’t exactly a ground-breaking album or a masterpiece, it is still a genuinely fun album to listen to. Third Eye Blind doesn’t try anything fancy. They knew what they had to do, and they did it – creating the perfect blend of post-grunge and pop. It’s perfect for anyone who can’t refuse a catchy tune or for those who just want to reminisce about the ’90s.