WILDCAT WATCH: Chris Bresnahan

Nick Esposito

Chris Bresnahan won the starting job in net for the men’s soccer team as a freshman last year. In his rookie season, Chris played all 1783:52 minutes for Wildcats, posting seven victories and seven shutouts. This season, Bresnahan has been the rock in goal for the Wildcats, stepping up when he is needed most. He has helped lead the ‘Cats to a solid (4-2-1) record while posting three shutouts along the way.

Q: What is your favorite Monopoly piece?

A: The terrier

Q: What is your favorite cartoon character?

A: Fievel from “Fievel Goes West”

Q: What is your nickname on the team?

A: Bres

Q: Favorite Mario Kart character?

A: Yoshi

Q: Most influential person for your soccer career?

A: My Dad

Q: What is the one non-American World Cup Team that you always cheer for?

A: Italy

Q: What do you call it Hoagie, Hero or Sub?

A: Definitely Sub