Seven new songs to help get your party on

Jeff Yerger

Isn’t it great to be back at school? There’s just so much you get to look forward to when you arrive for a new school year at Villanova… and I know that going to class certainly is not one of those things. The one saving grace about the school year is that at the end of every week there is sure to be a party, and at every party there is thumpin’ music!

Music is essential to a good party; it can set the mood, create a good vibe and turn any ordinary carpet into a dance floor. A party without good music (or any music at all) is very “awkward turtle.” Here are some fresh tunes that’ll make any party rocking, keeping the awkward turtles away.


“No Reasons”

Get your party started off right and your feet movin’ with the song “No Reasons” by VEGA. Relatively unknown in the music biz, VEGA has made the best dance-floor jam since “Call On Me” by Eric Prydz. The pulsating beat will get your party going, and the incredibly catchy chorus will keep you hooked.

Jay-Z feat. Rihanna & Kanye

“Run This Town”

It’s about time Jay-Z lightened up a bit; in his last couple appearances on the music scene since the “Black Album,” it seemed like even Hova himself wasn’t feeling the beats. But thanks to Rihanna and the always-cunning production of Mr. West, Jay-Z has finally got his flow back. Say hello to the biggest hip-hop anthem of the semester!


“Best I Ever Had”

Young Money’s newest protégé Drake has been making a name for himself on the Internet, thanks to his “So Far Gone” mix tape and it’s smashing new single “Best I Ever Had.” The guy’s got the swagger and flow like Kanye, and this song is a perfect showcase of his abilities. Drake’s got the formula down: create a nasty backbeat, include a killer chorus, and you got a hit. Turn this one up, because it’s for you.

Wale feat. Lady Gaga


There’s only one question that comes to mind with this song: why isn’t this song huge yet? Call them peanut butter and chocolate because Wale and Lady Gaga are a match made in heaven. Lady Gaga breaks it down on the hook, and her delivery is so smooth, it’s like nothing you’ve ever heard from her. Gaga’s presence is sexy, and it’s a perfect fit for Wale and his nonstop attack.

Cage the Elephant

“Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked”

Maybe rap and dance isn’t for you. That’s fine, here are some guitars for you to dig. If Jason Mraz and Jack White had a child (as weird of an image as that might be), it would be Cage the Elephant. You can’t exactly define the vocals here as singing, nor is it rapping; it’s more like fast-talking. This song can get your feet stomping and your hips moving; it’s southern rock but with a hip hop twist. Thanks to the unique style of Cage the Elephant, this song will fit well among any of these hip-hop jams on your playlist.

Little Boots


It’s time to go back to the dance floor, and to really get your party moving, put on “Remedy” by Little Boots. Think of her as Lady Gaga’s sweeter British counterpart. Little Boots’ electronic beats and big choruses make her cool enough for the hipsters but fun enough for the teeny-boppers. There’s something for everyone in Little Boots. As she sings, “Contagious rhythm in my brain / let it play,” you can’t help but agree as you’ll be ready to dance throughout the night.

David Guetta feat. Kid Cudi


Remember David Guetta from last year’s mega hit “Love Is Gone”? Well, the dance beat master is back with “Memories.” This song isn’t big yet, but thanks to Kid Cudi’s delivery and Guetta’s knowledge for a good hit, it probably will be. Now, depending on what kind of party you’re throwing, you may or may not have many memories but one thing’s for sure: “Memories” is going to be the one thing you do remember.

Super Mash Bros

Fans of Girl Talk, getting tired of last year’s party hit “Feed the Animals?” Well, to hold you over until the next Girl Talk release, you have to check out Super Mash Bros. Hailing as “Girl Talk’s hot cousin,” SMB’s mixes are fresh because they avoid the classic rock references and mash up everyone’s favorite top 40 hits of old and new. Put on their newest mixtape “All About The Scrillions,” and you’ll feel like a champ.

There you have it folks, these are just a few suggestions for your party playlist that’ll get your game going and keep your party popping. There’s a little something for everyone here, that is unless you’re into smooth jazz, and if that’s the case you might be at the wrong party. Just remember, fun is what you make of it. As long as you stay safe, be merry and keep the music up, your party will always fresh.