Barefoot Truth: The best band you’ve probably never heard

Andrew Petsche

Five quick weeks into the school year and your workload is beginning to pick up. Your brain is beginning to fry. You need a break. You need something soothing – something you’ve never tried before.

The music of Barefoot Truth provides a relaxing escapist outlet for those who are feeling the pressure. BFT is an acoustic jam band from New England that’s guaranteed to mellow you out and help clear your mind.

The group formed in Groton Long Point, Conn. in 2003 and is often compared to bands such as Dispatch, John Butler Trio and Guster.

They are committed to creating a sound that won’t make its way onto commercial radio.

Put simply, Barefoot Truth mixes major tonalities and catchy guitar riffs with optimistic lyrics that delve deeply into the everyday problems life brings forth.

Using a mixture of acoustic and electric guitars, djembes, traditional drum kits, harmonicas, pianos and didgeridoos, BFT creates a sound not found anywhere else in today’s music scene. Lead vocalist and drummer Will Evans brings a tenor-type voice to the group that is never out of tune.

Take their song “I Prefer” for example. It represents all of the aforementioned: a memorable guitar riff, optimistic lyrics and a sweet harmonica solo.

For those who prefer love songs, “Maria” shows off Evans amazing ability to stretch his voice and use his falsetto on some serious high notes.

All three of their albums are available for free listening on their Web site,, and select live performances are available on This way you can try them out before you decide whether or not they’re worth your hard-earned cash.

With the help of “The Foot Clan,” a group created to spread the band’s music, BFT now has an ever-growing fan base.

Through word of mouth and live performances, their sound is beginning to be heard throughout the country.

And if you do decide they’re worth your listening time, the band is playing a show at World Café Live on Thursday, Oct. 15. Tickets are on sale for $12.