Parents’ Weekend Restaurant Guide

Maggie Mallon

No matter how much you love Villanova, you have to admit, sometimes you miss Mom and Dad. One of the perks of Parents’ weekend-besides the various activities being held around campus-is the opportunity to go out for dinner. While Sparket pizza and Kathy’s omelets were great for the first few weeks of the semester, there’s no doubt they’ve since lost their novelty. Your ‘rents are surely planning to take you out for a nice meal at some point over the weekend, so let The Villanovan be your guide to the best restaurants for Parents’ Weekend.

If you’re in the mood for Chinese …


This Zagat-rated restaurant features some of the best Chinese food in the country. Yangming is only minutes away from campus in Bryn Mawr and the menu includes a variety of beef, poultry and vegetable dishes. An additional perk: the Yangming dining room is adorned with a sleek and sophisticated burgundy and gold trim, making it a perfect change from on-campus dining halls.

Margaret Kuo’s

Voted the Best Chinese Restaurant by Main Line Suburban Life, Margaret Kuo’s offers a renowned menu of both Chinese and Japanese dishes. There are several locations along the Main Line, but the closest to campus is right on Lancaster Avenue in Wayne. The menu includes an extensive selection of Chinese and Japanese dishes, so you and your parents are bound to find a dish you’ll enjoy, be it a spicy tuna roll or the Peking duck.

If you’re looking for fine dining …


Savona offers formal dining with the freshest ingredients. Executive Chef Andrew Masciangelo prides himself on a “farm to table” philosophy, meaning fresh produce from local farmers is used in each dish. Aside from the delicious dishes, your parents-and students of legal age-will also enjoy a wine selection of over 1,000 options, the largest in Pennsylvania. Based in Gulph Mills, Savona is not located along the Main Line, but well worth the short trip.


This Wayne-based restaurant offers a delicious menu in a welcoming atmosphere. George’s menu includes various beef, poultry and fish dishes, as well as brick-oven pizza. With its pastel yellow walls and cream draperies, the dining room feels familiar-as if you were dining in someone’s home-making whatever dish you choose that much more enjoyable.

If your younger siblings are coming

along …


A family-friendly restaurant, Christopher’s of Wayne is a perfect place for you, your parents and your younger siblings. Christopher’s prides itself on being “your neighborhood place” and the menu is perfect for a family dinner. The selection includes traditional American dishes, as well as some comfort food favorites – chicken pot pie, pulled pork and meatloaf.


For a family dinner out, Gullifty’s is a delicious choice. Located only minutes away from campus in Rosemont, Gullifty’s provides a menu complete with homemade soups, fajitas, burgers and pizza that even the most finicky eater would enjoy. If the weather is nice, try the outside patio, known as the “Gaarden,” for al fresco dining.

If you want to go to Philadelphia …

Ralph’s Italian Restaurant

Located on famed South Street, Ralph’s Italian Restaurant has been a Philadelphia staple for over a century. The same recipes and dishes have passed through four generations and the menu includes an array of pasta, chicken and beef dishes. After dinner, you can wander along South Street for some of the best shopping and sights the city has to offer.


This Center City restaurant provides traditional Mexican dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients. Lolita opened in 2004 and has been earning rave reviews ever since. For parents and their legal sons and daughters, the restaurant is renowned for its margarita blends but follows a BYOT policy – bring your own tequila. Lolita only accepts cash, so make sure to stop by an ATM before going to dinner.