Public Safety holds auction at Oreo

Katie Eder

Over 100 items were auctioned off at the Department of Public Safety’s 15th annual Silent Auction near the Oreo on Sept. 9.

Throughout the day, representatives from Public Safety, the SEPTA Police Department Community Affairs Unit, Radnor Police, Operation Identification, the Delaware County Domestic Abuse Project, SGA, VEMS and the Rape Aggression Defense Program set up informational tables to promote safety awareness through interactive programs with students, faculty and staff.

Free pretzels, pamphlets and plastic back massagers were also given out to the public at these tables.

There were numerous free raffle drawings with prizes including Wachovia game tickets, a Nikon Coolpix camera, football game tickets, gift certificates to local restaurants and a parking permit.

The prizes were donated by several agencies such as the University Shop, Athletics Department, Parking Office and some local businesses.

Students, faculty and staff were invited to write down their bid amounts on sheets designated to each of the items while Public Safety Sergeant Monzo brought the items up for auction, one-by-one, on a microphone.

Items that did not have any written bid amounts on them were auctioned off to those standing in the crowd, beginning at the amount of $1.

Acceptable forms of payment included WildCard, cash and credit.

“The items that were put up for auction were turned into the Public Safety lost-and-found and were not able to be returned to an owner,” said Public Safety Investigator Joanna Aversa-Gallagher, who is the sexual assault resource coordinator. “But, for the record, over 80 percent of the items turned in to lost-and-found at any point are returned to their rightful owners.”

About 50 students were gathered around outside of Connelly Center at the start of the auction, and the crowd grew larger as more items were sold.

Among the auctioned items were five bicycles, a Sharp 37″ flat panel LCD HDTV, a snowboard, iPods, cell phones, several pieces of jewelry, sunglasses, umbrellas, calculators, wallets, a wrench and about 40 pieces of clothing, including a brand new Final Four T-shirt.The television, which was complete with a remote and the original packaging box, sold for $475. The bid for an 8 GB pink iPod nano, which sells new for $150, ended at $70.

Any unsold or unclaimed items were thrown out.

This year, the auction was combined with the departments’ activities for National Campus Safety Awareness Month, which was originally developed in 2005 to raise awareness concerning safety on college campuses by Security on Campus Inc., a national nonprofit campus safety organization.

All of the proceeds that were received from the auction were donated to two local cancer centers that treat colon and bone cancer.