5point rocks

Ellie McCutcheon

Juniors Ryan Mahoney and Kevin Tymon have come a long way since they formed their band 5point nearly two years ago.

It didn’t take long before they were playing all around ‘Nova and at surrounding universities and venues.

They have played at NovaFest and opened for the likes of Brad Corrigan (Braddigan) formerly from Dispatch. They performed last night in the Connelly Center, headlining Live Music Wednesday.

Next Wednesday, Oct. 28 at 7:30 p.m. you can see them open for Jer Coon at the Tin Angel in Philadelphia.

The Villanovan recently caught up with Mahoney to find out more about this successful duo.

The Duo …

Mahoney is a junior communication major from Bridgewater, N.J. and Tymon is a junior business major from Downingtown, P.A.

Both are vocalists and play guitar, but Tymon also plays bass and Mahoney performs on the bongos and drum set. There was previously a third member who didn’t attend Villanova, but he fell by the wayside due to artistic differences and lack of practice attendance.

These days, Mahonoey and Tymon have many guest appearances on various instruments and may be adding a permanent keyboardist in the near future.

Their Start …

Mahoney and Tymon lived next door to each other in St. Monica’s during their freshman year and often heard each other play the guitar or bongos through the wall.

After a few jam sessions, they decided to perform together for open mic night at Milkboy Café in Bryn Mawr.

As they wrote more songs together, they dubbed themselves 5point and played their first official show as a band for Villanova’s Earth Day celebration in spring of 2008.

The Name “5point” …

They aren’t exactly sure how they became 5point and the name doesn’t have much personal significance for the duo – it has just been their name since the first show in 2008.

A name change is inevitable, however, considering there is another more nationally popular band with a very similar name.

Past Performances …

The guys have performed between 10 and 15 times at Villanova in their time together, including a show by the Oreo for NovaFest, several shows in CEER for different service trips/benefit concerts and in the Connelly Center for Live Music Wednesday.

They have also played at various bars in Philadelphia, as well as at the popular venue World Café Live where they opened downstairs for Braddigan.

Different college campuses in the area have also welcomed their music, such as Rutgers, Cabrini, Temple, Rosemont and Drexel.

Last night they played in Connelly, next week at the Tin Angel, and on Nov. 13 they will be performing at Rosemont College at 3 p.m.

Their Inspiration …

Mahoney and Tymon describe their music as acoustic-based and somewhat “poppy,” with a lot of interesting and creative solos.

Mahoney says Dispatch is their inspiration and Tymon adds that Damien Rice also has an influence.

Since they use the bongos, however, they find it difficult to compare themselves to much of today’s bongoless mainstream music.

Creating Music …

“The key is not to lend yourself to one sound and not to be narrow-minded,” says Mahoney. “When people say a band must sound a certain way, it kills some of the creativity.”

They enjoy playing different instruments and being able to switch places with other band members.

Although they play mostly acoustic pop, the band says it’s fun to explore different genres. Their Rap Medley does just that, mixing old rap songs in an original acoustic compilation.

Villanova Fanbase …

The response from Villanova students has been pretty good, but the duo says it’s been tough because they have to play consistently to remind people that they’re out there.

Their Future …

They don’t need to be famous or to sell out. As long as they can play consistently and get a good experience out of performing, they’re happy.

They just want to have fun, no matter for whom or for how many people they’re playing.

Best Musical Experience …

Mahoney says their favorite performance memory is when they opened for Braddigan, describing it as “an incredible and very professional experience.”

5point e-mailed Braddigan on a whim, asking if they could play with him. They received a personal response from the Dispatch member himself, inviting them to perform at World Café Live, and during his show, he gave them a personal shout-out.

Playing at this show made them feel like they had “made it,” especially when they discovered the venue had provided them with free food and drinks in their own backstage room.

Advice for New Bands …

Both agree that exposure and experience is key.

“It is important to play as much as you can and wherever you can,” says Mahoney. “Don’t get discouraged by a small audience. Instead, take it as a learning process.”

Dream Venue …

Mahoney and Tymon say they’d love to play with Dispatch, but this time, ideally, at Giants Stadium.

“I’d settle for Madison Square Garden,” jokes Mahoney. “As long as it’s with Dispatch.”