Last Minute Costume Ideas

Kelly Skahan

Crisis: You planned to spend Halloween on a hot date with Domino’s, Rosemary and her baby, but your friends are begging you to come out with them to a party in Conshohocken. That guy you dated sophomore year will be there with his icky new girlfriend from St. Joe’s so you need to look hot and festive. Gran problema, right?

Not so fast. You can likely throw together a pretty foxy costume with pieces you’ve already got in your closet and a few extras from KOP. Better yet, you won’t actually have to apply the girl rule and don animal ears to do it. Now stop freaking out, RSVP “yes” and start combing your blonde wig. You bring the attitude, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Sure, everyone is going to dress up like Lady Gaga this Halloween, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an easy costume you can put together without spending too much money. First, yank on some crazy tights. Next, tear apart any and all dresser drawers to which you have access, and find a black one-piece bathing suit. In a pinch, a black bodysuit from American Apparel will work, too; you can wear it under high-waisted skirts later if you need help justifying the purchase. Throw on a leather jacket and some super-high heels. Wear some crazy eye-makeup (read: tons of mascara) and red lipstick, and you’re good to go. The only things you need to snag at the costume shop are a platinum blonde wig, wild sunglasses and biker gloves.

Not up for going pants-less at a party, even on Halloween? Go retro. Grab two of your friends (for moral support) and your little black dress. Don some tights and pumps. Slick your hair back into a tight bun, powder your face, wear some red lipstick and apply a healthy dose of eye shadow and mascara. Pick up some fake guitars at the costume shop. Voila! Robert Palmer girls! Now walk around together and sway back and forth all night in unison. Congratulations, you’re addicted to love.

If you’re not above sacrificing your pretty face for a laugh, take a hint from the folks at and get punny. Pull on a pretty, satiny slip (or the one your mom makes you put on under your dress at Christmas Mass at home – after all, modesty is the best policy) and whatever shoes you feel like wearing. Put on makeup and doll yourself up as usual, but put on a fake wig and carry around a cigar all evening. Whenever anyone asks who you are, tell them, “Your dream come true … I mean, a Freudian slip.”

Want to double your fun and pick up a costume piece you can actually wear later? Check out American Eagle. Their faux-fur vest is a hot look this season, and you can toss it on in lieu of a puffy vest to up your style cred and stay warm at the same time; on top of a black tank; you’re rock-star chic; or put it on over a black turtleneck for an après-ski look. To rock it on Halloween, play cave woman: put it on over a brown tank with a short skirt and Rainbows and smudge some brown eye shadow all over your face to look positively prehistoric.