Alumni honored for achievements

Daisy Ayllon

The Engineering Alumni Society recognized 11 alumni for their professional achievements and contributions to society and to Villanova.

The awards are given based on the roles that these individuals play in the professional world, their leadership and their continued support for Villanova. The selection of these individuals was based on nominations.

“Anyone can nominate a fellow alum through our online site,” said president of EAS, Sean O’Donnell.

According to the Web site, “Beginning in 1972, the EAS has awarded outstanding alumni for their achievements in several categories.”

Four of the six major award categories were instituted to honor past deans of the College of Engineering.

This year, the College of Engineering honored individuals such as chemical engineering major Thomas J. Hanratty, class of ’47, who, according to the night’s program, “invented electrochemical methods…[which have] provided new understanding of turbulence, mass transfer and chemical reactors.” Prestigious institutions have recognized Hanratty.

At the AIChE Centennial Celebration, he was named as one of the influential chemical engineers of the modern era.

William K. Lorez, Nelson J. Shaffer, Anthony J. Donadeo and Erin Vogel received the award for Meritorious Service. This award recognizes alumni who have directed men and women of great caliber to Villanova. They were also honored for their unconditional support to the Villanova community.

Irene Kropp, Janice Peterson, Ron DeGregorio and Sean McDermott were commended for their professional achievement.

Other recipients included Amy K. Holovaty and Maury B. Bayer whose contributions range from technical advancements in the engineering profession and leadership in administration, respectively.

Villanova celebrated these alumni with a dinner reception last October. Graduates of the College of Engineering of all ages attended the festivities.

The College of Engineering Web site reports that during the ceremony University President Rev. Peter Donohue, O.S.A., commended Villanovans for their projects and for using their skills to build a better world.

The Engineering Alumni Society’s mission is to “promote academic excellence, celebrate professional achievement and advocate a culture of service.”