Fashion Corner

Kelly Skahan

Next week is Thanksgiving. You’re probably going to go home and see your family, friends and various acquaintances of your mother who haven’t seen you in years and will be shocked at how grown up you are. You’ll flash your pearly whites, tell them about how involved you were with Special Olympics, how much your professor loved your paper last week and how well you did on the LSATs. Same old stuff, right?

This year, you can really knock it out of the park if you dress the part of the seriously successful, amazingly accomplished college student you are. Don’t pull out those eatin’ pants just yet: elastic pants, bookstore sweatshirts and Havaianas will make no appearance at your Thanksgiving table this holiday season. Get ready to be the classiest cousin in Grandma’s dining room.

Remember that the primary goal on Thanksgiving is to eat as much as humanly possible, so donning your favorite skinny jeans won’t be too comfortable after dinner. Think wide-legged and wide-waisted: a pair of dark-wash denim trousers will look pretty snazzy without sacrificing comfort, and they usually have a pretty wide waistband to hide any possible post-dessert muffin top. Have them tailored to wear with heels and your legs will look ridiculously long. And you can wear them all winter at all of those Christmas and New Year’s parties.

Speaking of shoes, heels don’t need to be a pain to wear. You’ll likely be gathering around the counter in the kitchen picking at food all afternoon, so you don’t want to bust your feet up just to snag a few snacks. Think wedges. DSW has a ton of great options. Peep-toes are hot right now, but really any pump with a wedge (bonus points for a platform wedge) will work. Go for a winter color; we’ve all got straw espadrilles, but those look pretty silly after the weather gets cold.

Your top is where you’ll need the most Thanksgiving preparation – after all, you’re not going to feel nice and svelte for most of the day, and you don’t want to be hiding your food-stuffed belly with a pillow all evening. Blousy V-necked T-shirts have a borrowed-from-the-boys flavor but still look pretty cute when you buy them a bit oversized; and they’ll disguise your tummy after dinner.

Top the whole thing off with this season’s super-popular blazer. A slightly tailored tuxedo jacket with the sleeves rolled up will keep your look slim and structured, without sacrificing comfort. It’ll also keep you toasty in this ridiculous weather. Half of the time it’s almost 70 degrees, and the rest of the time, it’s blustery and freezing, so cover all your bases with a jacket and pass on the family football game if it’s chilly. After all, you don’t want to get your new duds muddy when the sibling rivalry turns rough.