Fashion Corner

Kelly Skahan

While Fashion Corner tends to target the ladies of Villanova, our fair university is also home to scores of stylish gentlemen. The cargo shorts/T-shirt/flip-flops combo does make a couple of appearances in each lecture hall, sure, but more guys don button-downs and nice sneakers than those who do not around here. Therefore, the well-dressed men of Villanova merit some discussion over their own fashion conundrums, too.

That said, it’s November, people. It’s cold. Not quite cold enough for gloves, hats and man-boots, mind you, but cold enough that a random hoodie isn’t really going to cut it anymore. Lucky for you, there is tons of awesome outerwear available right now at the King of Prussia Mall.

Just looking for something to keep you warm until wool-coat season starts? Try J. Crew. Sure, you’re going to end up dropping a pretty penny for a jacket, but it’ll be worth it when you’re still wearing it after grad school’s over. The fatigue jacket is cotton and has a ton of fabric. So even though it’s not too thick, it’ll keep you nice and toasty until at least Christmas break.

If you’re more concerned about keeping the water out (and who can blame you after last week’s weather), try the oilcloth field jacket. It’s pretty thin, but it’s also almost completely waterproof. Wear a hoodie when you try it on to make sure it’ll fit over a warmer layer. You’ll look good (and feel dry) throughout the rainy season.

If you’re not from around here and can’t deal with even the slightest chill of autumn, it might be time to pull out the heavy artillery and don an actual coat. Hit Nordstrom: the prices aren’t quite as high as J. Crew, the merchandise is just as good and the return policy is amazing in case you get cold feet.

The Black Rivet recycled wool blend military peacoat is warm enough that you won’t feel chilly on the walk to Main Campus but still appear slim and stylish enough that you’ll look like you know exactly what you’re doing. Who could ask for more than that?

If you’re really hurting for a hood, there’s a similar coat that will keep your noggin nice and warm, too. The Black Rivet hooded military coat is very similar to its hoodless predecessor, but it’s a little roomier. That’ll come in handy when February rolls around, and you’ll need to layer underneath even the warmest coat before heading off to Tolentine for an 8:30 a.m. class. So don’t forget to leave a little space for sweatshirts underneath any jacket you intend to wear throughout the winter.