BRGR Joint

Ellie McCutcheon

Location, location and late night convenience. These are about the only things Bryn Mawr’s new quickie burger place, the BRGR Joint, has going for it.

The food is just plain bad – the meat is blue, the turkey burgers are paper thin and fries are better elsewhere. Don’t go here for just any ol’ lunch or dinner.

One Villanova student commented post-meal, “I feel like I have a pound of plastic sitting in my stomach.”

It’s not all bad, though, at least not for anyone over 21. The BRGR Joint is located right next to Maloney’s Pub on Lancaster Avenue and is open until 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturday, so stop in here if you’re out at the bars and in the mood for a burger instead of Acapulco’s Pizza. They do, after all, provide some creative options.

Challenge a friend to an eating contest with the ­­­­”OMG Burger,” on which you can stack up to 11 patties on one bun. If you’re not into competitions, order a burger with a fried egg on top and you have yourself a creative combination of breakfast and dinner, perfect to eat at 2 a.m. for a sort of “Brinner.” Hot dogs, grilled cheese, turkey burgers and sweet potato fries are also available.

Upon entering, beware of the impending dizziness due to the slanted floor. The ground, combined with the sailor-painted wall, gives off the sensation of being on a rocky boat, so take your Dramamine before entering. If the food doesn’t make you nauseated, the motion sickness will.

As for prices, it’s not McDonald’s. Expect to spend between $8 and $12 on a burger, drink and fries. They accept WildCard and also deliver.