Fashion Corner

Kelly Skahan

Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week starts on Sunday. You might think fashion and homelessness don’t have a ton in common (besides the Olsen twins), but there’s more than you think.

You probably have a ton of clothes when you actually think about it. You’ve got your whole wardrobe here, your summer stuff and then probably an entire closet full of stuff you just didn’t bring to school. There are sweats from high school you kick aside every time you do laundry, pants you’re hoping you’ll squeeze into again one day and three-dozen T-shirts from various 5ks and charity events on campus, and you don’t wear any of them. Here’s your chance to put them to good use.

Villanova is hosting a week-long clothing drive starting Sunday in St. Rita’s. Think of it as wardrobe editing, or pretend Stacy and Clinton ripped through your closet or tell yourself you’re trying to save room in your baggage for the flight home. Say whatever you need to say to justify dumping the pile of clothes you just don’t wear anymore. Feel good after donating and want to do more? There are other ways to help.

If you finally “took the plunge” and invested in a good business suit for internship interviews this winter, donate your old suit to somebody who needs it more. Ladies can drop off their gently used suits or interview-appropriate shoes to Dress for Success Philadelphia where they’ll be redistributed to women just entering the work force. They’re hurting for sizes 0-2 and plus sizes, so if you’re in one of these groups, check them out. You can also donate business-appropriate accessories like scarves and jewelry, new hosiery and professional-looking handbags and briefcases.

Guys can do the same through Men’s Wearhouse; they hold an annual suit drive in September, but their Web site has a huge list of organizations that participate across the country. Next time you’re home and need to clean out your closet (because, really, will you ever wear that suit from prom again?), check out the spots in your area and drop off your excess; you’ll help another guy get a job and jump-start his career.

Speaking of prom, you know you’re never going to wear that dress again, girls. I’m just as guilty as the next person: I have all of my homecoming and prom dresses from high school in the back of my closet and I justify it by saying they have sentimental value. Remember those pictures you blew $60 on at every formal? They’re a great shot of your dress, so you’ll never forget it. Now go make it a special part of somebody else’s memory.

Grab all of your old dresses when you’re home for Thanksgiving and encourage your roommates to do the same. If they still fit, have a fashion show or take pictures in your dorm room and take the gowns for one last spin. Then check out Fairy Godmothers Inc. in Philadelphia. You can donate those dresses and let another girl wear them to the prom later this year; after all, your gown was undoubtedly pretty great, and any piece of clothing that amazing deserves a second chance to shine.