Get to know the cast of Student Theatre’s latest show ‘Rumors’

Brittany Epps

This weekend, The Villanovan got the chance to sit down with some of the cast members to discuss the Villanova Student Theatre’s upcoming production “Rumors.”

The play follows the twists and turns of a group of friends who try to conceal secrets from one another about an incident that has occurred at a party.

Actors Ricky Chan, Emily Hughes and Michael Twomey chatted about their experiences working with VST. Be sure to see this entertaining play, showing Nov. 17-22.

Q: What made you decide to audition for this role?

Toomey: I liked the craziness of this play.

Hughes: I love plays written by Neil Simon, and I’ve been acting in his plays since high school, so I knew this one was perfect for me.

Chan: I’ve also done plays in high school, so I thought it would be fun to audition for this one.

Q: Have you ever acted in a Villanova University play before?

Toomey: I’ve acted in lots of plays and musicals, including “Little Shop of Horrors,” “Aida,” “Bye, Bye Birdie” and many more.

Hughes: This is my first Villanova University play.

Chan: This is also my first.

Q: What types of characters do you enjoy playing most?

Toomey: I like playing neurotic characters because I’m a normal guy, and I can be someone completely different on stage.

Hughes: Characters I can relate to.

Chan: I like playing smart, witty, and sarcastic characters like my character Lenny from “Rumors.”

Q: What are your favorite sorts of plays?

Toomey: Comedies and fast-paced shows that keep you hanging onto the edge of your seat.

Hughes: Anything by Neil Simon because his plays are hysterical, over the top and a lot of fun to do.

Chan: Shows that keep me entertained.

Q: What initially attracted you to theater?

Toomey: I like the pressure of performing in front of people, which is similar to my experiences playing sports in high school.

Hughes: My grandfather was on Broadway, so he encouraged me to pursue theater. I’ve been acting since the age of five.

Chan: It’s a good way to express myself. It’s fulfilling to give life to characters on stage.

Q: Are there any actors you look to for inspiration?

All: Our Director, Matthew Clay.

Q: What advice do you have for anyone interested in pursuing theater?

Toomey: You need to have lots of energy and confidence to perform to the fullest extent. Try out things you would never do.

Hughes: Audition! Don’t be afraid to just go for it. Try to rid yourself of the fear of public speaking.

Chan: Just try out; you have nothing to lose.