Corporation donates $20,000 to Villanova SpO

Meghan Farley

Exelon Corporation presented University President Rev. Peter Donohue, O.S.A., with a check for $20,000 that will support the University’s Special Olympics Fall Festival on Dec. 1.

With members of the University’s Corporate Relations staff, associates of the Special Olympics committee in Pa., representatives from Exelon and members of the University’s Fall Festival staff in attendance, Exelon Senior Vice President of Operations Support Ron J. DeGregorio presented Donohue with the donation.

This donation to the Special Olympics Fall Festival was initiated by alumnus Alessandro Roco, Class of ’08. Roco, a former Festival director during his senior year, is currently working for Exelon.

Roco reached out to the corporation, advocating for a donation to the University’s Fall Festival.

The University is one of 12 academic institutions where Exelon has developed a relationship with students by way of internships and career opportunities, particularly with sophomore engineers.

Roco’s initiative reinforced the collaboration between Exelon and the University, as well as demonstrating that it’s possible for alumni involvement with the University to start immediately after graduation.

“Recent alumni are a great way to connect with corporations,” University Director of Corporate Relations Joseph A. Borillo said. “Alumni can have an impact on the support that those corporations provide to the University. Recent graduates are the primary link to creating the bond between corporations, such as Exelon, and current students.”

In the spring of 2008, Exelon approached the University with the proposition of donating $20,000 to the Special Olympics Fall Festival.

Exelon, the third largest nuclear operator in the world, welcomes the University’s Fall Festival into its major corporation events. These events include the Summer Games at Penn State University, the Winter Games in Johnstown, Pa. and the Floor Hockey Tournament in State College, Pa.

“In selecting an academic institution in which to donate to, academics, as well as the values of the University were considered,” said DeGregorio, Class of ’91. “Exelon admires the leadership of the students in their participation of community outreach. We want to strengthen the great relationship between Exelon and the University and will look to continue to foster leadership through Exelon’s programs with students.”

Donahue accepted the donation with great gratitude and thanks for Roco’s efforts.

“We are very grateful to have an alumni out there working for us,” Donohue said. The power of the alumni is immense and we grateful to have them advocating for the University.”