Fashion Corner

Kelly Skahan

Papers are piling up. You’re doing a group project with a bunch of kids whose schedules couldn’t be more opposite. Your computer just crashed and UNIT’s diagnosis isn’t good. Your history professor can’t decide whether or not to give you an in-class final. Your parents are hounding you to book your flight home. Basically, you’re freaking out. What better time to invest in something cozy and comfy?

Some fashion mavens may suggest that finals are no excuse to don sweats and hoodies to class. I disagree completely. The two weeks leading up to finals are best handled wearing pants and tops made of jersey or stretch material.

That doesn’t mean all your sweats have to say “Wildcats” down the side. Bookstore sweats certainly have their place, but wearing them for two weeks straight might have a less-than-great effect on your self esteem.

First rule: you won’t wear a velour sweatsuit. That won’t cut it. It’ll be obvious you’re trying pretty hard to look good in sweats, and if you’re putting in that much effort, you might as well upgrade to denim. Stick to jersey and you’ll be good to go. Check out Victoria’s Secret PINK for a ton of different cuts of sweats. There’s a new store in KOP, but you can also find PINK products online at Victoria’s Secret stores too. Don’t discount the power of their yoga pants, either – you’ll look like you got dressed without trying too hard and you’ll still show off your curves, killing two birds with one stone.

Want something slightly more upscale? J. Crew has a surprisingly good selection of lounge pants online, and they’re not actually much more expensive than their Vickie’s counterparts. Their lounge pants vary from slim leggings to super-soft slouchy sweats, so loungers of every shape and size can find something great. Their sherpa hoodies are absolutely divine – slip one arm into them and you’ll have a hard time prying them off. You’ll have to drop a major dime considering it’s a sweatshirt (think upward of $50), but it’s a great investment considering how soft those suckers are.

Another thing: the library is hot right now, and by “hot” I mean ridiculously above-room-temperature. If you’re going to settle down in Falvey to get some good old-fashioned studying done, you’d be well-advised to layer. Shoes are a tough issue – you’ll need boots to get to the library itself, but inside it won’t hurt to slip into a pair of flip-flops. Make sure your bag can accommodate some sandals and don’t forget your Uggs when you leave. Likewise, a pair of baggy sweats is great for the walk over, but once you find a spot you’re going to want some shorts. The bookstore has a 20 percent off deal going for the weeks leading up to Christmas, so invest in a pair of ‘Nova running shorts. They’ll come in handy when you’re working off those holiday pounds after break.