10 Totally Random Questions

Eric Guzzi

1. If you could learn any language instantly which one would you pick?

Italian. I want to be able to visit Italy and do things on my own. Plus, it was recently ranked the second sexiest accent to have.

2. What is your favorite way to procrastinate?

I like to cook. Being Italian I can whip up a thing or two. Just don’t ask me to bake anything because it won’t taste good – ask my roommates.

3. Is it wrong for vegetarians to eat animal crackers?

Not at all. People eat gingerbread men all the time around Christmas, and you don’t see any redheads complaining.

4. What is the last thing you bought?

My grandma’s Christmas gift. Don’t tell her, but I got her a sweet pair of slippers.

5. Have you ever eaten something that wasn’t food?

Actually, yes. I ate Play-Doh last year on my Habitat trip to South Dakota. Let me tell you, it’s not edible like it says.

6. What is the strangest article of clothing you’ve ever worn in public?

One time in high school after a lacrosse game, I was in such a rush I forgot to take my cup off. Then, my family took me out to dinner. Not fun.

9. Do you have a nickname?

Mikey Rocks. It comes from a song by the Cool Kids with the same name.

7. Who is your role model?

Walt Disney. The man inspired (and continues to inspire) millions of kids all over the world. And to think, it all started with a mouse.

8. What wild animal would you keep as a pet?

I would definitely want to have a bear. How awesome (and comfortable) would it be to lean up against that thing and watch a movie?

10. What do you eat before an exam?

Nothing, which usually ends up being a bad idea because then my stomach starts growling – embarrassing when you’re in a quiet room.